Our physical therapists have received the latest training available, receiving Doctorate of Physical Therapy degrees from highly recognized manual therapy schools.

Our Exercise Philosophy:
- Incorporates low resistance, high repetitions within specific ranges.
- Focuses on the optimal stimulus for healing.
- Customizes injury specific programs to each client.
- Uses equipment specially designed for rehabilitation.
- Instructs home programs, conditioning and nutrition.

Upper and Lower Extremities Rehab:
- Enhances scapular stabilization
- Normalizes joint mobility
- Exercises in modified weight bearing positions
- Focuses on balance and proprioception
- Corrects gait or biomechanical deficit

Cervical and Lumbar Spine Rehab:
- Optimizes segmental mobility of the spine
- Encourages behavioral modification at work & home
- Emphasizes spinal stabilization and functional exercises
- Promotes self-ownership of rehabilitation
- Addresses return-to-work and return-to-fun issues early

Work Conditioning:
- Routines normally last 2 to 4 hours
- Cardiovascular reconditioning
- Strengthening specific musculo-skeletal deficits
- Performing functional activities
- Returning to transitional duty to prevent job disassociation