Your goal of loss reduction can be achieved with hiring a person capable of performing the job safely, improved focus on personal safety, and an ergonomically friendly work enviroment.

Job Site Evaluations:
- On-site Job Analysis and Ergonomics
- ADA Compliant Job Descriptions and Validations
- Work Place Assesments
- Job Specific Injury Prevention Programs
- Customized Return to Work Release Forms for Physicians

Employee Testing Systems:
- Post Hire Pre-Placement Job Screens
- Wellness Screening
- Functional Capacity Evaluations
- Work Conditioning
- Cardiovascular and Agility Assessment

Ergonomic Analysis:
Ergonomic and functional job analysis evaluates the relationship between the worker, the work, and the work enviroment. Based on very thorough and systematic evaluations, modifications can be made to work habits and work site redesign. Specific training programs can be designed for injury prevention. We have evaluated many occupations including deckhands, grain elevator operators, construction field workers, office workers, and employees in the hotel industry. Our products and services are of the highest quality.