Performance Physical Therapy offers a specialized sports medicine and manual physical therapy approach to enhancing and rehabilitating golfers. Our manual therapist concentrated on performing a biomechanical physical assessment to find deficiencies in your conditioning, flexibility, and/or musculature that is preventing your game from being the best it can possibly be. Once you have completed our program, and with some fine tuning with your golf pro, you will notice a marked improvement in every aspect of your game. We offer our golf enhancement program in our Metairie and Harahan facility.

Each facility offers:

- Specific fitness and performance programs focusing on flexibility, strength, core stabilization, power, and dynamic balance
- Treatment and rehabilitation of golfers with injuries to their neck, back, elbows and knees
- Rehabilitation of golfers following spinal surgery, golfers elbow, and total joint replacement

The facility is equipped with:
State-of-the-art fitness equipment
Coach Swing Trainer
Power Swing Fan
Pool for aquatics training
Therapist with golfing experience

Contact either Mike McNeil, DPT, ATC in Harahan (734-7454) or Randy Hernandez, DPT in Metairie (887-7463) to schedule your appointment today.