Our History
Joseph Shine started Performance Physical Therapy in LaPlace in 2000 with the goal of offering quality physical therapy in a very professional manner in a friendly setting. He felt there was a great need for consistent physical therapy care focused on a patient’s physical disorder as well as addressing return to work issues and returning to family activities which are often overlooked. Joe’s primary goal is to provide the best possible comprehensive patient care. He has worked extensively to employ physical therapists with advanced training and ensures they receive the best possible continuing education from various manual physical therapy schools with a scientific basis. The Performance facilities are equipped with the latest and most effective equipment to treat orthopaedic conditions. In March of 200, Joe opened an additional facility in New Orleans (CBD), thus providing physicians and patients quality and professional care in a variety of locations.

Our Philosophy
Our philosophy toward patient care is to focus on the entire person. Our physical therapists have worked hard to seek out the best and latest manual physical therapy training available to provide the best care possible to treat your muscular-skeletal disorder. Our evaluations address goals to improve strength, range of motion, conditioning, function, and ability to return back to family activities and work as soon as safely possible. We strive to make physical therapy enjoyable by working side by side with you in a personable and professional manner. We want to work as hard as you to achieve all of your goals.

Our Mission
Performance Physical Therapy is an organization of exceptional individuals with a common mission to promote excellence in orthopaedic manual physical therapy services, to empower patients to become active in reaching all of their goals in a friendly setting, and to strive for excellence in professional development by seeking out the best possible training. Performance embraces individuals, employers, physicians, and other health care professionals to educate them on the benefits of manual physical therapy in rehabilitation clinics, the work place, and in our community.