The following is a list of the major insurance companies we accept, but please verify insurance participation by calling your carrier and using our tax I.D. (61-1484613). If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the clinic closest to you.

Aetna (All plans)
American’s Health Plan - PPO
American Insurance Consultants - PPO
American Life Care - PPO
Apex Health Care -HMO
Beech Street - PPO
Blue Cross/Blue Shield - Indemnity (All plans)
Champus - Tricare
CIGNA - Worker’s Comp, PPO, HMO
Community Health Care Network-PPO
Corvel - PPO, Worker’s Comp
F. A. Richard (FARA) - Worker’s Comp, PPO
First Health
Focus - PPO
Foundation Health -HMO PPO POS
Guardian Resources, Inc. - PPO
Healthcare Advantage - PPO
Health Network America - PPO
Integra Healthcare - PPO
LWCC - including PPO
Lake Physician Health - PPO
LASIE Comp Net
Local 60 - PPO
Louisiana Commerce and Trade-PPO
Managed Care Inc. - PPO

  Maritime Health Services - PPO
Med Comp - PPO
Medfirst Health Services, Inc. - HMO
Med View Services - PPO
Met Life - PPO
Metra Health - PPO HMO POS W.C.
Multi-Plan - PPO
National Hospital Network -PPO
NYLCare Health Plans - PPO
Office of Risk Management - PPO
Principle Healthcare - HMO PPO
Private Healthcare Systems
ProComp - Worker’s Comp
State Employees Group Benefits PPO, EPO
The Travelers - Worker’s Comp
The Managed Care Alliance - PPO
Universal Health Network
United Healthcare - HMO PPO POS
USA Healthnet - PPO
Vantage Health Plan - HMO PPO
Win - PPO