A Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor can help individuals of work age with physical and/or mental impairments or disabilities make a career decision in returning back to meaningful employment. The counselor combines the client's education, functional academic level, training, work history, interests, skills, personal traits, vocational aptitude, and scores from an administered aptitude and achievement test to formulate a plan of action to meet the individual's retraining and/or vocational placement needs. He also work with individuals to develop job search skills and assist clients in locating and applying for jobs. Our vocational specialist takes an active leadership role in advocating for the rights of individuals with impairments/disabilities, and promotes their abilities and accomplishments to employers and the local community in order to have proper placement.

Vocational Testing
Employment potential is assessed by using a battery of aptitude and achievement tests combined with an extensive evaluation of the client’s current residual functional capacity. Comparison is made of the individual’s employment potential to the most current labor market data and was data. Individualized consideration is given to the client's age, education, past employment, transferable work skills, limitations, and potential employment positions are explored with the client until a suitable match is found.

Wage Loss and Earning Capacity Analysis
The impact of disability upon an individual's future earning capacity and work life expectancy is evaluated by comparing his current employment potential to his previous employment using a labor market survey and wage data. This analysis not only considers the pre- and post-injury wage comparison but also addresses the potential earn income based on their pre-injury potential, pre and post educational plans, and employment longevity.

Forensic Expert Testimony
Based on the services previously mentioned and many years of courtroom testimony in Administrative, Civil and Federal Court proceedings, our vocational counselor has been successful in educating all parties on the facts centered around each individual's quality of life concerns, future medical needs, and employability. He has been qualified as an expert witness in the field of vocational assessments in a variety of court systems.

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